The Pearl of York, Treason and Plot

Report by Helen Midgley

Religious persecution is never far from the surface the world over and, in October 2021, Tony Morgan illustrated this in his talk of events leading up to the tragic martyrdom in 1586 of Margaret Clitherow who was crushed to death for continuing to practice her catholic beliefs. This is an example of the type of punishment meted out at that time to those who failed to conform to the protestant religion.
In Tony Morgan’s novel “The Pearl of York” he writes a fictionalised account of the time and intertwines her story with the life of a certain very young Mr Guy Fawkes who would undoubtedly have lived in York around the same time that the events took place. The book is a fascinating story which is also full of actual facts and events lending an authenticity to the novel.
Both the talk and the book were well received by our members, and we look forward to other such accounts in the future”
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